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We do not send your precious materials somewhere else! You retain copyright on all your personal materials.
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226 W. Ojai Ave., Ste 101 #455
Ojai, CA 93023
Phone: (805) 640-8883

Our FREE Test-Transfer is back— all our labor is FREE!

If you have a collection of film but would first like to see what you'll receive, we welcome you to send us just 1 small, 3-inch reel of Super-8 or Regular-8 film and allow us to show off a little.

You'll receive our best option in return — the "Hollywood Treatment".

Please use this "Test-Transfer" offer only if your intention is pure — meaning that your goal is to test us out.

"FilmFix's Hollywood Treatment"
The cleaning and transfer are free.

We'll provide all these Files: for a Mac, PC, and TV.

Return Shipping
We send via "USPS - Priority Mail with a Signature Confirmation" in a small flat-rate box.

If you don't provide us with a 64GB USB-Stick (or an SD-Card) we'll provide a SanDisk Dual Drive USB 3.1 Type-C and A — 64GB (add $18.00)

NOTE: We protect and respect your privacy. We also assure you that you'll retain the Copyright of your personal family's transferred footage. We don't sell your treasured memories, like some transfer houses do!

"FilmFix's Hollywood Treatment" includes:

  • A careful hand-cleaning
  • New leader spliced onto start of reel, if leader is shrunken or missing
  • The transfer is performed in Full-HD (1080-HD) and captured as a 10-bit AVI file, using the GrassValley HQX Superfine 10-bit codec. Capture includes sound, if your film happens to have a sound strip.
  • All three of our image enhancement options: “Image Stabilization”, “Color Grading”, and “Debris Reduction” will be performed; and we'll provide the transfer both with — and without —; "Debris Reduction", so you can compare and contrast. Most customers prefer "Debris Reduction" but a few don't.
  • A “RAW capture” file is also provided, so that you can see just how much improvement was made with our additional image enhancement work. It's fun to see!

Files: for a Mac, PC, and TV

  • 10-bit files for Mac (ProRes HQ)
  • 10-bit files for PC (GrassValley HQX)
  • 8-bit files MP4-files (h.264 at 25MB/s) for playback on any device
  • The 10-bit files are best for editing, but all the files can be used for editing.
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